Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Old Kingdom

The Old Kingdom took place between 2650 and 2150 B.C. There were four dynasties that took place during the Old Kingdom. The biggest events during the Old Kingdom were the making of the Pyramids. The Old Kingdom was the time of the highest point of Egyptian civilization occurs. It is commonly reffered to as the Golden Age of Egypt.(Lassieur, 34)

In total there were four dynasties to exist during the Old Kingdom. The third dynasty was the first dynasty in the Old Kingdom. It took place from 2650-2575 B.C. The rulers of the third dynasty created the amazing step Pyramid at Saqqara. The fourth dynasty,2575-2465, had six rulers. They accomplished a strong centralized government and they also accomplished the pyramids at Giza and Dahshur. The five rulers of the fifth dynasty accomplished pyramids aswell. They also accomplished temples at Abu Sir and Saqqara during 2465-2325 B.C. The last dynasty,2325-2150, during the Old Kingdom was the sixth dynasty. It's four rulers accomplished pyramids at Saqqara.(Romer, 216)

"The Old Kingdom is known as the golden age of the Pyramids because this era saw the construction of the first pyramids ever built."(Lassieur 34) The Old Kingdom was full of the contrusction of many pyramids. Many well known pyramids were built during this time aswell. Some of them are the Great Pyramids at Giza, The Bent Pyramid, and Zosers Monument, which was the first stone pyramid.

"During this remarkable period of 300 years, the Egyptians learned by trial and error to create the massive structures that remaine to this day."
This quote explains how the Egyptians created the pyramids that still stand today.
The Pyramids during the Old Kingdom are the main events that took place during this period of time. The pyramids built during this time also include the pyramids at Saqqara, a pyramid at Abu Sir, and the Meidum Pyramid.

The Old Kingdom is full of architecture wonder. The pyramids are a wonderful way to remember the Old Kingdom by. The reason the Old Kingdom fell is because of drought but the Pyramids trully keep the Pyramids alive.

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